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Feeling the healing climate

With us, recovery simply works longer. Experience and feel the power of the healing climate on the Salzburg Sun Terrace.

Take advantage of the invigorating properties of the four elements fire, water, air and earth in the healing climatic spa town of St. Veit and recharge your life force.

from € 167,00

Holidays by train

With perhaps the most hours of sunshine per day and excellent weather, the Salzburg Sun Terrace lives up to its name.

from € 185,00

Easy hiking in the healing climate

In our sunny towns you can expect natural landscapes, traditionally grown villages and rustic alpine pastures.

With this package you can feel the regional diversity of our Sun Terrace.

from € 112.00

Camping in the healing climate

Enjoy your holiday at a family-run campsite on the Salzburg Sun Terrace.

Carefree holidays at the campsite near the Tauern cycle path.

from € 29,00