Feeling the healing climate
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Inhalation – Feeling the healing climate – Exhaling

With us, recovery simply works longer. Experience and feel the power of the healing climate on the Salzburg Sun Terrace.

Take advantage of the invigorating properties of the four elements fire, water, air and earth in the healing climatic spa town of St. Veit and recharge your life force.

In order to feel the forces of the healing climate, one does not have to feel sick. INHALATION – EXATMEN, you can already see that there is something unique in the air.
Soothing earth, refreshing water, healing air and the warming sun unfold their special powers in our relaxation oases on the Salzburg Sun Terrace. Oasis of peace? – These are deckchairs directly at the top of the mountain, cosy loungers under the canopy and Kneipp facilities outdoors. These invite you to let the beauty of the unadulterated nature take effect. These places have a particularly beneficial effect on body, mind and soul and help to replenish the energy stores quickly. Feel the refreshing effect of our air in the valley and on the mountains. Our oases of peace let you connect directly with the elementary nature.

We will take you on a hike to the Hochglocker. This begins with a power house, the chapel of the monastery “Mary in Paradise”, a women’s monastery where 30 nuns live. From there, the trail leads along the edge of the forest, towards the summit. Once at the top, your feet can rediscover the senses of touch on our barefoot path over grasses, moss and pine cones. The summit cross welcomes you with an oasis of peace. INATMEN – AUSATMEN, in a relaxation lounger at the top of the summit. Enjoy the infinite tranquility, the clarity of the air in the healing climate, the green of the landscape and the majestic mountains.

So, what are you waiting for? Go in search and find yourself and your inner balance.

Package “Inhale – Feel healing climate – Exhale”

valid from 01.04.2021 to 31.10.2021
from € 135,00 per person


  • 4 nights including breakfast
  • 1 ride by hiking bus
  • 1 hiking map of our region
  • Transfer from train station to accommodation & return
  • Sun Terrace bus ticket – buy ticket on the bus, at the tourist board you can return the money
  • can also be booked with half board
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