Food maker with three hoods
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Already in 2006, the creative kitchen of the Sonnhof in St. Veit was awarded the second Gault-Millau hood: At that time Vitus Winkler still stood at the stove together with his mother Rose-Marie. In the meantime, the 31-year-old has taken over the traditional hotel and restaurant and is constantly working on the further development of his culinary skills. With success: Vitus Winkler’s cuisine is characterised by regionality, closeness to nature and creativity and has meanwhile acquired an excellent reputation far beyond the borders of the country. In 2017 the award with the third hood followed.

In 2012 Vitus Winkler took over the Sonnhof from his parents Rose-Marie and Ernst: Vitus’; great-grandmother Franziska founded and opened the hotel and restaurant in 1928 as a divorced and single woman. Today the hotel offers space for about 40 guests. Every evening they enjoy the fresh, down-to-earth creative cuisine of Vitus Winkler. But gourmets from all over the world also gather in the Stüberl with its Swiss stone pine panelling and the modern à la carte Vitus cooking restaurant: And they come from far and wide more and more often. While you search in vain for exotic ingredients such as lobster or oysters on the plates, you will be surprised by the variety of regional products. Vitus Winkler knows exactly how aromas, flavours and ingredients combine to form a work of art: From the "Bachlandschaft”; with moss and river stones to the "Kalb im Marchfeld”; with bear’s garlic meadow and asparagus on mushroom soil. And the title of Vitus’; cookbook 'Der Essenmacher’; also comes from one of the youngest regular guests. This is what the little daughter of friends spontaneously called him when she once discovered him on the tennis court.