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Holiday in Salzburger Land on the Salzburg Sun Terrace

There’s something for everyone!

Have you already made plans for your holidays in SalzburgerLand? There are many good reasons for a stay in the Salzburg Sun Terrace region. Surely, you’re already familiar with the healing climate, the many hours of sunshine, various active experiences on offer throughout the year. But there’s so much more waiting for our holiday guests between St. Veit and Schwarzach. Discover cultural and culinary highlights, get a healthy dose of recuperation or be enchanted by the wide variety of offerings for families and couples in love. The Salzburg Sun Terrace bring heaven more than just a bit closer, indeed.

Exciting family holidays for all ages

Multifaceted experiences for all ages in every season – families cherish the holiday region Salzburg Sun Terrace for its diversity and central location, lending itself to all sorts of day trips. Look forward to activities and adventures and many smaller highlights during the family holiday. The museums in St. Veit and Schwarzach offer special guided tours for children. Visit and explore natural monuments, swimming lakes and play areas all around. The children’s programme during the summer school holidays neatly rounds off the family options.

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Health & recuperation holiday in the healing climate health resort St. Veit im Pongau

Look after yourself and your health – the healing climate of the Salzburg Sun Terrace is perfect for vital and recuperative holidays in SalzburgerLand. Be enchanted by the beauty of nature and discover idyllic oases of peace during unhurried walks and hikes. Recharge your batteries for new challenges and gain precious balance from your everyday life. The healing climate health resorts are also ideal for a constitutional stay. The oncological rehabilitation centre in St. Veit offers perfect conditions for purposeful recreation and ensures that patients will bounce back quickly.

Cultural holidays on the Salzburg Sun Terrace

Old customs are still alive and well on the Sun Terrace. Exciting traditions are made tangible during your cultural holidays in SalzburgerLand. A wide array of events throughout all seasons conjure a very special atmosphere with folk music, processions, Schnalzer and local costumes. Various cultural institutions are open for visits. The affectionally restored Goldegg Castle waits in the neighbouring village Goldegg. The abbey on the Kinderalm in St. Veit im Pongau and the Pongauer Dom in the neighbouring St. Johann also call for a visit, a real must see.

Utmost culinary enjoyment

Taste the best a holiday can offer: The Salzburg Sun Terrace is widely known for its culinary specialties. Culinary art and indulgence go hand in hand in the three sunny villages. Select treats from sweet to savoury are served here. You must try Kasnocken and Kirschmus! Various culinary events give centre stage to the variety of regional cuisine, with a hint of international flair. This popular mix of tradition, quality, regionality, sustainability and everything extending the culinary scope is also palpable in the various restaurants and inns in Schwarzach and St. Veit. The excitement extends past the palate.


Romantic magic and pure comfort

Holidays in SalzburgerLand make enamoured hearts skip a beat. Romance and comfort go hand in hand on the Salzburg Sun Terrace. Let the sun rise and set on hikes and walks to romantic places and discover new aspects of nature together. Stunning activities in every season provide sizzling romance, accompanied by tailor-made offers in the regional accommodations. But there’s also gorgeous destinations waiting for you throughout the wide SalzburgerLand. Be enchanted by the deep waters of the Salzburg Lake District and discover the playful, heartfelt side of the city of Mozart. There are no limits to your imagination.

That’s only part of the highly diverse topics, adventures and experience holidays in SalzburgerLand on the Salzburg Sun Terrace. The region amazes 365 days a year as it is home to active adventure, quite moments of pleasure and sunny holiday magic. When can we welcome you here with us?