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Culinary holidays in Austria on the Salzburg Sun Terrace

Culinary art meets prime enjoyment

Is there anything better than savouring genuine delicacies while enjoying the glorious clear view of the surrounding mountains? Culinary holidays in Austria inevitably lead to the Salzburg Sun Terrace, home of truly outstanding specialties, enjoyable events and some of the best restaurants and inns in SalzburgerLand. These top culinary pleasures will certainly bring you one step closer to heaven.

Specialties from the Pongau

The traditional cuisine of the Pongau, is rich in high-quality recipes, which are prepared and consumed far beyond the region. From desserts with fluffy textures and heavenly taste to savoury, zesty specialties – your taste buds will fall in love with the Salzburg Sun Terrace over and over again. The following three examples impressively show why many culinary holidays in Austria lead to the Pongau.

Pongauer Kasnocken

This characteristic Pongau specialty, also known as Käsespätzle, gives warmth and energy. Spaetzle noodles made from eggs and flour are stirred into a pan and baked with onions, grated cheese – a balanced mix of various types – and beef broth until the cheese has melted and formed a crust on the edge of the pan. In its perfected form, a more intense mountain cheese from the Pongau is recommended. Fried onions with it are an absolute must.


What would the diverse traditional Salzburg cuisine be without Kaiserschmarrn? It is likely the best-known and most popular Austrian dessert. This heavy treat can be eaten at any time of the day and is an absolute must in the ski huts. The Schmarrn is much more than “just” than a sliced pancake, as you can see by looking at its texture. With our without raisins is a topic of feverish debate.

Bild von Jiří Rotrekl auf Pixabay


A genuine insider’s tip to cap things off: Kirschmus or Kirschmuas is served as soon as cherries are in season. Although it shares the name “mus” for sauce, it has nothing to do with mushy apple sauce. Wheat flour stirred into a dry dough with salt and boiling milk. This dough gets roasted golden-brown on both sides in a pan with hot butter, then cut into to small pieces. Finally, it’s served in a pan with heated cherries, this dish is a true experience on a culinary indulgence holiday in Salzburg.

Culinary events on the Sun Terrace

You probably can’t wait to try these and other Salzburg delicacies during your culinary holidays in Austria. Various culinary events put the focus on fine specialties and good drinks. The Sun Terrace villages regularly dish up properly, especially for the following occasions:

St. Veiter Erlebnistafel

The summery market square of St. Veit isn’t just home to the summer festival, it also serves as the venue of the highly entertaining rendez-vous for delicacies, wine, arts and crafts. The multi-day Erlebnistafel is lined with highlights and happenings. Crafting demonstrations and children’s programme create the perfect backdrop for wine tastings, interregional delicacy cuisine and the traditional Frühschoppen. However, the undoubted highlight of the Erlebnistafel is the 40-m-long gourmet table on the market square. Pongau specialties and international treats by genuine top chefs make culinary dreams come true.

The best restaurants for culinary holidays in Austria

Culinary events aside, the various restaurants and inns of the Salzburg Sun Terrace are a must visit. From traditional and down-to-earth to international gourmet cuisine, you should visit the following eateries during culinary holidays in Austria.

Vitus Cooking

You’d like to experience high-class gourmet cuisine during your culinary travels through Austria? Vitus Cooking at Verwöhnhotel Sonnhof is the place to be. Three toques by Gault Millau stand for culinary excellence.

Opening times

Thursday to Monday from 6 pm
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Phone: +43 6415 / 4323


The inn on St. Veit’s market square focuses on Salzburgian specialties made from predominantly regional ingredients of the best quality. Snugness and added value go hand in hand.

Opening times

Open daily – no days off!
Small menu from 2 to 5 pm


Phone: +43 6415 / 74140

Gasthaus Walkner

Best atmosphere, delicious cuisine and non-stop operations well into the night: Gasthaus Walkner with restaurant and bar is one of the main attractions in St. Veit for all ages. There’s always something happening here.

Opening times

Daily from 10 am
Closed on Mondays


Phone: +43 6415 / 20698

Hotel and Restaurant Post Schwarzach

Tradition meets modern life at the Post. The cuisine is as diverse as the various locations, ranging from the cosy chill-out garden restaurant to the decorative Salettl to the various parlours with the rustic Pongau parlour.

Opening times

Monday to Saturday
from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm
Closed on Sundays


Phone: +43 6415 / 4212

Bräustüberl Schwarzach

The menu is full of regional delicacies, hearty dishes and delicius desserts. There you can taste the long-standing, traditional “Tauerngold beer”.

Opening times

Tuesday to Saturday
from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm,
Sunday and public holiday from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm
Closed on Mondays


Phone: +43 6415 / 4212

Pizzeria Vincenzo

The best of Italian cuisine awaits you in Schwarzach. Diverse antipasti, creative pasta dishes, fine pizzas and tempting dolci fulfil all your wishes – a taste of La Dolce Vita on the Salzburg Sun Terrace.

Opening times

Tuesday to Saturday 5 to 11 pm
Sunday 11.30 am to 2 pm, 5 to 10 pm
Closed on Mondays


Phone: +43 6415 / 420228


Fine culinary art is also home on to Sun Terrace alpine huts. The Althausalm in St. Veit is among the most popular hiking destinations. Hearty snacks and many a culinary surprise in a charming ambiance invigorate for the remaining hike.

Opening times

Mid-May to late October, closed on Thursdays
Mid-May to early July and mid-September to late-October
Opened Friday to Sunday and on public holidays


Phone: +43 664 / 5036944

Whatever you’re planning for your culinary holidays in Austria, the Salzburg Sun Terrace provides the perfect culinary backdrop. You’re only a few clicks away from your holiday – find the perfect accommodation and send your enquiry now!