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Customs and traditions in Salzburg on the Sun Terrace

The destination for your culture trip in Salzburger Land

Folklore plays an important role on the Salzburg Sun Terrace. Old customs and traditions from Salzburg are part of all aspects of the daily life. The lively culture and customs scene offers musical experiences, culinary happenings, cherishes old crafts and costumes. Your cultural holiday in SalzburgerLand is guaranteed full of magic moments, festivities with plenty of atmosphere and quiet experiences, too. Find out what there is to see, enjoy and marvel at here.

Sun Terrace tradition in the Pongau

St. Veit and Schwarzach live and breathe old customs. Active clubs make sure that old traditions are transferred from generation to generation, cultivated and celebrated in every season and on every occasion. The shooting club, traditional costume band, costumed women, youth associations and the homeland & tradition club march out for the harvest fest and Corpus Christi as well as for all sorts of openings and receptions. The Schnalzer with their massive whips cracking in rhythm are also there. Don’t miss out on the following two series of events.

Summer festival

The market square of St. Veit im Pongau is all about an excited atmosphere in summer. Concerts by the traditional costume bands of the Sun Terrace villages take place every weekend as part of the summer festival. These block concerts and dancing parties –magical and full of atmosphere yet also lively and almost explosive – provide great entertainment and lasting memories.

Advent season

Pre-Christmas season on the Salzburg Sun Terrace is equally moving and inspiring each time anew. The sunny villages bring you one step closer to Advent heaven. Contemplative advent markets with culinary treats and old-timey crafts accompany you during this wonderful time. Concert and advent performances provide the appropriate musical settings, along with many other corresponding events. Get ready for the festivities with everything ranging from torchlight hikes full of atmosphere to the winter solstice fire to the Krampuslauf.

Institutions of culture and tradition

These diverse event series and happenings aside, the Salzburg Sun Terrace is also home to various bearers of tradition and cultural institutions. They uphold old traditions and are evocative of days long gone. However, the following three magical places also reflect a few modern aspects here and there.

Goldegg Castle

While it is unknown when this imposing hill castle over the northern shore of Lake Goldegg was built in its original form, reconstructions began in 1323. Over its time and through the centuries, the castle belonged to various noble dynasties and an archbishop before becoming a property of the village Goldegg in 1973 and opened to the public as an important cultural institution in 1981. Goldegg Castle now houses a culture and seminar centre. Concerts, exhibitions, comedy performances and movie screenings regularly take place in the diligently renovated rooms. The annual Goldegger Dialoge (Eng. “Goldegg Dialogues”) and the Goldegger Herbstgespräche (Eng. “Goldegg Autumn Talks”) have long since become interregional fixtures on the cultural discourse itinerary.

Maria im Paradies

Depending on the season, the scenic Kinderalm attracts hikers and snowshoers, who all treasure the varied path through idyllic nature. These tours frequently lead directly past the abbey of the Sisters of Bethlehem. The abbey “Maria im Paradies”, founded in 1985, is now home to 30 nuns. It is self-financing with its abbey shop in the lower, publicly accessible part of the building complex. Maria im Paradies is regularly visited by pilgrims, who share in the complete silence and solitude of the Kinderalm for a few days. The so-called “upper house” as an enclosure area is reserved for the nuns only.

Pongauer Dom St. Johann

A brief side trip to the neighbouring district capital St. Johann im Pongau unearths an anomaly in the otherwise quiet, enchanting townscape. A massive religious building, something usually seen only in large cities, rises between all the small houses and colourful roofs. Originally intended to be a single tower to replace a burnt-down church, this huge structure, which collapsed once more before its completion, finally turned into a massive quarry-stone building with spectacular double tower façade. This particularly popular destination is a must for your cultural holiday in SalzburgerLand. Inside, the spectacular high altar in the shape of a Gothic shrine along with the Lourdes Chapel containing relics of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes are an experience by themselves.

Spectacular events, magical places, lived customs and traditions in Salzburg accompany your cultural holiday in SalzburgerLand on the Salzburg Sun Terrace. Look forward to the full diversity of regional traditions and become a part of the unique atmosphere!