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Recreational holidays and cures in Salzburg Country

Everything for your health on the Sun Terrace

Already in the time of Emperor Franz Joseph the special healing climate on the Salzburg Sun Terrace was sufficiently known, a pulmonary hospital was soon built. Since then, our three sun spots have attracted visitors from all over the country and beyond who want to take care of recreation and their health. A cure in Salzburg Country leads to the Sun Terrace, where relaxation lasts much longer. The favourable climate has a positive effect on a wide range of ailments, promises deep relaxation and more strength for everyday life.

Oasis of peace in the heart of nature

Compensation is particularly important during a spa holiday in Pongau. This is ensured by our oases of peace. Here you let the perfect power of nature in all its diversity take on you. From sun loungers at the mountain top to Kneipp facilities in the fresh air to cosy loungers under the canopy, you will discover heavenly places of peace and security in the three sun terrace communities. Invigorating elements help you reconcile body and mind and provide much-needed recovery on the way to inner balance.

Wandern✰✰St.Veit Schwarzach✰UrlaubimSalzburgerLand

Hiking and walking

Exercise in the fresh air strengthens the immune system, and this is true twice in the incomparable healing climate of the Salzburg Sun Terrace. Cosy walks, beautiful alpine tours and challenging summit hikes lead through the heart of a truly special hiking region. Combine your tour with a little culture, for example on the Thomas-Bernhard-Roundwanderweg or on the Goldegger Brauchtumsweg, conquer the Hochglocker, the Schneeberg, the Hochegg or the Gamskögerl, or steer with guided landscape and nature hikes one of the countless managed alpine huts. There are no limits to your imagination.

Oncological Rehabilitation Centre

One of the most important points of contact for your cure in Salzburg Country is the Oncology Rehabilitation Centre in St. Veit im Pongau. Patients are treated here during or after an oncological disease. Individual therapy plans combine activity and relaxation with various training measures, psychological support and dietology. Incidentally, accompanying persons are also welcome in the healing climate of the Salzburg Sun Terrace, and the ideal location in the heart of nature is ideal for getting back on your feet more quickly. This is ensured by an experienced team of doctors, trainers and caregivers.

Reha✰✰St.Veit Schwarzach✰UrlaubimSalzburgerLand

Health Days “Health in the Healing Climate”

The health days, recurring every two years, in St. Veit im Pongau have been dedicated to exercise, healthy eating and mental health since 2001, and identify ways to continue to improve these areas. The next health days will take place in autumn 2021.
Whether targeted cure in Salzburg Country or valuable recreation from stressful everyday life: The Salzburg Sun Terrace has everything for your health and well-being. With a booking request you will quickly find the right accommodation to do so!

A safe holiday

Dear guests of the Salzburg Sun Terrace!

Our accommodations have all taken Corona-related measures to facilitate a divine holiday on the Sun Terrace for you.

We have all learned how to handle this situation over the last months. We have to forgo handshakes and hugs at the moment. This way we can protect ourselves and each other. Cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance in the accommodations.

This holiday will be different, but we’re sure – it will still be unique and remembered fondly.

Your Salzburg Sun Terrace team