This is Austria’s most popular holiday farm 2020
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Award for Ferienparadies Taxen on the Sun Terrace

The farm holiday website “” is searching for the most popular holiday farm for the 24th time and for the very first time, an Austrian provider has been given this title. Guests are queried about which farms rank highest on a popularity scale through an online rating system. Among the assessed criteria are the furnishings, leisure offers, catering and services on the farm.

This year, Austria’s most popular holiday farm comes from our region, the Salzburg Sun Terrace. Ferienparadies Taxen inspired guests with extensive services, cordial hospitality, comfortable accommodation, authentic farm life for the entire family and much more.

We caught up with owner Maria Hacksteiner and asked her about the expenditures and effort for each and every guest. We feel inspired!


A paradise in nature

Maria described the special aspect of the Ferienparadies as the family connection and proximity to the animals. Rabbits and cats are particularly popular with the children. Learning how to act around animals is something many guests love. Children and parents also take great delight in milking cows, done completely safely in the milking barn.

The word “Paradies” (Eng. “paradise”) is contained within the farm’s name, and it is clearly visible on the central, secluded location on a hill. The location is stunningly beautiful, near the forest and surrounded by mountains… The hosts are cordial, and the paradise of fun and games is just perfect for kids.


Holidays on the farm as a recipe for success

Guests’ experience on the farm can be described as ‘down-to-earth’ summed up quite straightforwardly as a “holiday on the farm.” Maria Hacksteiner tells us that families in cities often lack a connection to nature and farm animals. Becoming a farmer for a few days is a unique experience. The owner, Gottfried, shows guests how to act and treat animals affectionately, granting insights into the daily routine. Bringing the cows from pasture into the stable before milking them is top of the daily itinerary and mustn’t be missed at any costs, Maria happily explains.

Guests of Ferienparadies Hacksteiner get to look forward to a well-kept farm with well-equipped holiday flats and good-humoured hosts. There’s lots of space for children to play, various animals, and fresh milk from the farm cows as well as bread rolls from the bakery every morning. In winter our own toboggan run awaits guests of all ages.


What guests love

Owner Maria told us that the award gave them the feeling of being on the right track. She tells us that they look forward to the many regulars every year, which have resulted in very good friendships. Most of all, guests praise the central location to various sights and destinations. In winter, too, the ideal location in Ski amadé – Austria’s largest ski entertainment area – is something special.

‘Holiday on the farm’ is the simple motto of the Hacksteiner family, and has proven to be the recipe for success. Maria and Gottfried’s down-to-earth mentality and their hospitality are loved by adults and children and make for wonderful holiday memories on the Salzburg Sun Terrace.

We congratulate Ferienparadies Taxen for the impressive award of most popular holiday farm in Austria!


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