Our Healthy Climate
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Shut down and take a deep breath!

The particularly beneficial and healing effect of the St. Vitus climate was recognised early on. So it is not surprising that already in the time of Emperor Franz Joseph a lung sanatorium was built in the region. St. Veit on the Salzburg sun terrace thus became the first climatic health resort in the Salzburger Land and one of the most important climatic health resorts in the whole of Austria. Those seeking relaxation have been swearing by the healing air of our region ever since. Not only do we look back on a long tradition of spa treatments, but we are also breaking new ground in terms of relaxation and health. Discover the valuable healing climate on the Salzburg sun terrace!

For us, relaxation simply lasts longer

Even Primary Dr. Putz said at the time that the advantages of our healing climate were comparable to those of Davos or Arosa. The special location of the Salzburger Sonnenterrasse combines various advantages. The climate of the high mountain range with its low irritant factors is excellently combined with the reduced irritant factors and pronounced protective factors of the low mountain range. Both together ensure that your holiday with us is "invigorating”; in the truest sense of the word and that your relaxation lasts longer than anywhere else. Come to us and convince yourself of the many positive qualities of our beneficial healing climate on the Salzburg sun terrace.


The particularly beneficial effect of our climate not only helps you to recover better and more sustainably. As part of a cure on the Salzburg sun terrace, it also alleviates various complaints such as. . :

  • chronic respiratory diseases
  • occupational respiratory, cardiac and circulatory diseases
  • Conditions of exhaustion and convalescence
  • insomnia
  • Mirgäne
  • Damage to spine and intervertebral discs
  • neuritis
  • Ischialgia and Athrosis


  • Prolonged recovery
  • Low stimulus load
  • Deeper relaxation
  • More strength and vitality