Healing climate
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Health resort in Austria with healthy climate

Switch off and take a deep breath!

Life, the daily grind is stressful enough. It has never been so important to unwind a bit these days and to gain precious, lasting relaxation and recreation. Did you know that a few hours in good, healthy air can have the same effect as an extended spa weekend? The unique, precious healthy climate on the Salzburg Sun Terrace does wonders for you! Recharge your batteries, improve your well-being, and find new strength for old and new challenges alike in this health resort in Austria. Combined with the positive effect on numerous ailments, the Salzburg Sun Terrace is the perfect day trip and holiday home for your health, your joy, and your wellness. Give it a try!


Recreation steeped in tradition

Incidentally, the healthy climate on the Salzburg Sun Terrace isn’t really a new discovery. The particularly healing and beneficial effect of St. Veit’s climate was recognised early on. It should come as no surprise that a lung sanatorium was built in the region as early as Emperor Franz Joseph’s time, making St. Veit im Pongau the first healing climate health resort in the province of Salzburg. People looking for revitalisation have sworn by our region’s salutary climate ever since. We can look back on a long-standing tradition and still go new paths in terms of recreation and health.


Recovery simply lasts longer

The benefits of our healing climate are comparable to those of renowned climatic spas around the globe. The special location of the Salzburg Sun Terrace brings together just as many different advantages. Here the climate of the low-irritant high mountains combines with the reduced irritants and distinct protectives of the low mountains to the healthiest effect. Both together ensure that a holiday at our health resort in Austria truly becomes invigorating and makes all recovery last longer than anywhere else.



The ingredients for our ideal healing climate

Why is there such a recreative healing climate in St. Veit? Why is a stay on the Salzburg Sun Terrace so effective? How does the sunny high plateau encourage better recovery? Bioclimatic expertise by the Central Institution for Meteorology confirms the status as a healing climate health resort in Austria based on various factors. We will gladly share those with you:

  • Ideal duration of sunshine: The name “Salzburg Sun Terrace” is not just a name. There are decisively better sunshine, radiation and cloudiness conditions than in the lowlands between October and April with only little deviation in the summer months. These additional hours of sunshine in autumn, winter and spring have a positive effect on the organism, on both physical and mental health.
  • Pleasant temperatures: While there is brutal heat and icy cold in the Sun Terrace municipalities, such times are comparatively rare. Even though the number of hot summer days has increased, like everywhere else, the unique healing climate on the Salzburg Sun Terrace offers precious balance. Sultriness and heat are very rare thanks to its ideal altitude location. Additionally, nights remain fairly cool. The body can recover, find important sleep and gain fresh energy for new challenges.
  • There’s something in the air: The climatic conditions in St. Veit im Pongau are excellent. There’s usually mild, pleasant wind while lasting squalls remain a rarity. Precipitation is comparatively low as well with equally rare extremes. Even the classic summer evenings mostly stay dry with fresh, clean and mostly allergen-free air plus welcome chilling – divine to kick back and enjoy the glorious view with culinary regional delights.

Do something for your health!

The particularly healing effect of our climate does not just help you to relax better and more sustainably. A stay on the Salzburg Sun Terrace alleviates variegated ailments, such as:

  • Chronic respiratory disorders
  • Heart and circulation diseases
  • States of exhaustion and convalescence
  • Sleep disorders
  • Migraines
  • Back injuries and disc lesions
  • Neuritis
  • Ischialgia and arthrosia


  • Longer lasting recreating
  • Low irritant stress
  • Deeper relaxation
  • More power and vitality

Experience the unique healing climate of the Salzburg Sun Terrace up close by a lasting recreational stay all about wellness, relaxation and healthy. Book your accommodation of choice in our health resort in Austria now!

A safe holiday

Dear guests of the Salzburg Sun Terrace!

Our accommodations have all taken Corona-related measures to facilitate a divine holiday on the Sun Terrace for you.

We have all learned how to handle this situation over the last months. We have to forgo handshakes and hugs at the moment. This way we can protect ourselves and each other. Cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance in the accommodations.

This holiday will be different, but we’re sure – it will still be unique and remembered fondly.

Your Salzburg Sun Terrace team