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Schwarzach Trail Salzburgerland

The trail highlight on the Sun Terrace

Schwarzach Trail, the biggest running festival in Schwarzach, takes place for the 22nd time on 23 May 2020. 47 km with four summit touchdowns are part of the Schwarzach Trail K47, while trail beginners face the easier challenge of 15.6 km. The limited participant field (max 250 participants per contest) retains the air of the basic running experience with a highly diverse social programme attached to it. Find more information about this top-notch event on the Salzburg Sun Terrace at www.schwarzach-trail.at.


History of the Schwarzach Trail Salzburgerland

Before this top-class trail running event came to be, the 1st Schwarzach New Year’s Eve Run laid the foundation with its 114 participants and special children’s content. It started out as fun among friends and has turned into a highlight over the years. The format was changed completely in 2002, becoming a spring run taking place in late March and relocating to a new event area. An amazing 320 runners took place in the first year with the following years even reaching around 600 participants. Full capacity had been reached, and the infrastructure was exhausted.

The focus changed after 13 spring runs with the Schwarzach Trail Salzburgerland (formerly the Ultratrail Schwarzach) now dedicated to the thrilling trail running discipline. But it wasn’t just the contest that changed. A predominantly regional event turned into a popular trail event with guests from all across Europe. The 20th running festival in Schwarzach was celebrated in 2018 and there’s no end in sight. One thing, however, hasn’t changed in all those years. A major part of the profit is donated every year reaching over € 21,000 in 21 years. And that’s hopefully only the beginning.