Learn more about your recreational holiday in Austria


Relax and recharge in the oases of tranquility.

Clear idyllic natural lakes, traditional pastures, colorful flowering meadows, deep green forests. In addition to these beautiful places we have created further "oases of tranquility" on the heavenly Salzburgs Sun Terrace for you: deck chairs right on the mountain peaks, comfortable lounging under a leafy canopy and Kneipp facilities in the great outdoors. These invite you to make the most of the beauty of unspoilt nature during your recreational holiday in Austria. Flooded by the invigorating rays of the sun you can completely relax here. Enjoy infinite peace, the clarity of the air in the healing climate, the green of the countryside, the majestic mountains and you will feel reborn!

Ruheoasen auf der Salzburger Sonnenterrasse

Invigorating elements

Take advantage of the invigorating properties of the elements and soak up new life force! Curative air, soothing earth, refreshing water and the warm sun unfold their special forces in our oases of tranquility. In this manner, these places have a particularly beneficial effect on body and mind and help you to quickly replenish your energy storage. Feel the refreshing effect of the air in the valley and on the mountains. Re-discover the tactile senses of your feet on our Barefoot Path. Revitalize your body with Kneipp treatments in the open air. Here you can let your mind wander and really recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

You will soon see that our oases of tranquility allow you to immediately get back in touch with the elements of nature. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on the search and find yourself and the path to your inner balance. Afterwards you can tackle all the challenges of everyday life with ease!


  1. Finding inner balance
  2. Relax body and mind
  3. Come back in contact with nature
  4. Discover with all your senses