Family holidays
in SalzburgerLand


Here with us it is all about being human.

A high level of personal contact, genuinely cordial hostesses and hosts, all distinguish the personal and familial atmosphere of our Salzburg Sun Terrace family. With us, the word 'hospitality' still has its original meaning. Whether in a classic hotel, a traditional inn or on our quaint alpine pastures - our small, family-run businesses invite you to stay and enjoy during family holidays in SalzburgerLand.

Authentic agriculture and traditional crafts.

Elsewhere, cheese, brandy etc. come facelessly mass-produced. But not here! Our local, traditionally grown farms offer a wide range of original and regional products. Additionally, traditional crafts are held in high esteem. Our delicious regional specialities in particular will amaze you.

Enjoy the pleasantly warm atmosphere of the Sun Terrace and feel welcomed by friends. Come and be inspired by the warm hospitality of Salzburg Sun Terrace’s locals and the taste of our authentic specialities.


  1. Welcoming hosts
  2. Highly personal service
  3. Authentic products
  4. Regional specialties