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The best Sun Terrace events in Pongau

Don’t miss out on these highlights!

There are so many exciting opportunities to get a bit closer to heaven when you stay on the beautiful Salzburg Sun Terrace with its oases of tranquillity. All sorts of exciting events in the Pongau holiday region provide tons of entertainment and excitement. Here are a few suggestions that will certainly enrich your stay:

  • Chess Open: The European chess elite meets in Schwarzach in July for one of Austria’s best-ranked tournaments with the highest prize money.
  • Ultra Trail: The highly popular running contest in Schwarzach leads across challenging trails covering lots of altitude metres. Well-suited for beginners, too!
  • Children’s programme: Boredom doesn’t stand a chance during the summer holidays. The exciting children’s programme on the Salzburg Sun Terrace provides new highlights for all ages every day.