Experience the healing climate experience of the Salzburg Sun Terrace

Every day, countless people visit the country’s thermal spas and wellness temples to find a bit of relaxation and respite from the daily grind. All you have to do on the Salzburg Sun Terrace is take a breath of the fresh air and you’ll know you’re in the heart of one of Austria’s healthiest regions. The unique bioclimate in the healing climate health resort St. Veit im Pongau has a positive effect on the entire organism and can even alleviate various ailments. Enjoy a spa experience right in the middle of nature with our healing climate; we have the right suggestions for you.

The oases of tranquillity

On the Salzburg Sun Terrace, you’ll find inner balance, give your body and mind precious relaxation, and finally become one again with nature. Inviting, almost magical oases of tranquillity accompany you on your stay so you can really feel the healing climate.

  • The invigorating elements fire, air, water and earth are the integral components of the bioclimate – the healing air, the calming earth, the refreshing water, and the warming sun are part of every oasis of tranquillity.
  • Endless peace and quiet and clear, unpolluted air cleanse the soul.
  • Lounge chairs with beautiful views and passing clouds await you right on the mountain peak.
  • Lie under a canopy of leaves, and feel particularly cosy and protected.

Barefoot on the Sun Terrace

Feel the healing climate of the Salzburg Sun Terrace with all your senses. There are two places with special challenges for the tactile. Shoes are definitely forbidden.

  • There’s a Kneipp health facility at the Seelackenmuseum. Kneipping has a relaxing and healing effect, boosting and supporting blood circulation. Feel the fresh, vitalising energy source while treading water or enjoying an arm bath.
  • A special oasis of tranquillity right on the Hochglocker summit awaits you as the destination of a brief hike. It is home to the barefoot path where you can rediscover the tactile sense of your feet. You won’t feel the regional nature as pristinely anywhere else.

These are just some of the beneficial highlights of the healing climate on the Salzburg Sun Terrace. We have compiled more valuable information about the beneficial effects of our region for you. We also look forward to welcoming you to our refreshing, invigorating bioclimate – have you alreadybooked your favourite accommodation?